Thursday, September 13, 2012

The First Year of Marriage

Enjoy a night of getting back to the basics.
Nurture your relationship.
Nurture yourself.
Release your parenting duties.
Be youthful.
Be happy.
Be free.
OH and also, read the terms before your enter. Giveaway trolls should look elsewhere. Mean Bay advocates, welcome!

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  1. This Friday, we are going on our first date since Audrey was born. Audrey is 3 years, 2 mos, and 10 days old. I am hopeful our date will renew us!

  2. I take care of myself by making sure I voice my feelings. Keeping things bottled up can be toxic to your health.

  3. I take care of myself by treating myself with a piece of chocolate daily. It helps keep me sane.

  4. we just had a new baby and could SO use a date while Nana is still here to help!

  5. leave the baby at my Mom's, get a giant slush, and get a pedicure.

  6. When my husband gets home from work and school he takes over for a little while and I go to the gym. I get in a good workout and a little time by myself.

  7. Haven't been ion a date in more than a year...we could use this!

  8. We could so use this! Were new parents and money has been tight. Before the baby we practically lived at the draft house. It would be nice to have a night to ourselves


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